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Dianne and Darcy

I sat down with Dianne to talk about her imaginary friend Darcy who she invented around the age of four-years-old. Here's what she said:

My imaginary friend’s name was Darcy. Darcy didn’t really seem to have a gender, [she] was kind of genderless but cool, was I guess like a cool version of me. Although I’m pretty cool as well, I think.

I don’t remember that many details of Darcy, but I took Darcy everywhere, to San Diego, to Los Angeles when we lived out there for a month, to, did I say Mexico? Darcy was just FUN. Darcy was just somebody that I had fun with. I guess a comfort.

In my family I was the only child. My father had been married before and so my half siblings, which I didn’t know they existed at the time, they were much older than me, and so I had to entertain myself sometimes. And I was kind of a weird kid I guess. Weird and sociable. And so, I created Darcy when I was four. I don’t remember when Darcy first appeared but she was always my travel companion. And I think she lasted until I was about 6.

A part of me wishes that film DROP DEAD FRED with Phoebe Cates was true and that she’d come back but not make a mess of my life even more. But it would be fun. I don’t know. Maybe she’d be like, I kind of envision her being very sheek. I think she probably had dark hair and high cheek bones and was kind of angular and cool looking.

If I could say something to Darcy now if I saw her. I’d say thank you.

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