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Katie the orange button-eyed kangaroo

Many of us remember moments in our childhood play that shaped us. Below are a few memories shared very graciously by Jonathan:

I think I found make-believe a bit intimidating. In kindergarten, we had one of those "parents' days" and we all got to "be" something; so one kid was an airplane and "flew" all around the roof, one kid was a milkman and she wheeled around a wagon with bottles; I was a statue and stood on a box.

I don't remember having any imaginary playmates, though I did have a deep bond with Katie, my orange button-eyed kangaroo.

For the times, my parents were very encouraging and didn't squelch anything. I had a thing for math and numbers but later wound up writing poetry and songs and improvising--and gave up science to boot.

Jonathan at about age three, strangling poor Katie, with unrequited affection. : )

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