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Minecraft Adventure Map prototyped at the POV Hackathon

Our team spent the weekend hacking a Minecraft Adventure Map prototype as part of the My Secret Country Project at the POV Hackathon.

My Secret Country is a multi-platform journey into the world of imaginative play through a documentary and Minecraft adventure map. Inspired by the film’s three children who invented imaginary friends and worlds, the story in the documentary intersects with the Minecraft game in creative ways (and vice versa). The game will eventually be packaged with clips from the documentary, and curriculum to provide a tool for teachers especially those working in arts education or after school programs to help kids 8-10 explore the creative process.

In the film, the children co-create a fiction story with the documentary team that features their imaginary friends going on an adventure to SAVE DESSERT FROM EXTINCTION! A noble journey, to be sure.

In Minecraft, the three players take on characters involved in the creative process: KREATOR (Creator), KRITIK (Inner Critic) and MYOOS (Inner Muse). The KRITIK is always creating challenges for the other players who are trying to collaborate.

The goal of the game is for kids to explore the creative process by working with their inner muse while battling their inner critic to save dessert from extinction; the structure of the game mirrors the creative process from Inspire to Imagine to Play to Build to Share.

My Secret Country The Minecraft Adventure begins with the three players in a hot air balloon, much like the logo from the documentary.

Throughout the game, there are challenges associated with procuring the ingredients needed to SAVE DESSERT FROM EXTINCTION!

At each of these stations, the characters are assigned new roles so that each has a chance to be the KRITIK, KREATOR and MYOOS in the game.

They also must complete a task where they are told to all be the KRITIK and learn that they must collaborate to succeed so they better understand how to work together to achieve goals and visions.

Here’s a video of the prototype in process:

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