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Participatory writing - the process behind My Secret Country

Check out the participatory writing process bringing My Secret Country to life. Max, Maxine and Doreanna are participants in the film (ages 10 and under), and are also collaborating to write the hybrid (fiction) part of the story where their imaginary friends go on an enticing adventure. As many of us know, the creative process is frought with challenges. Sometimes, the greatest challenge is internal. To represent that internal drama, the imaginary friends in the story confront the inner critic. The inner critic is that internal dialogue we all have, that instills doubt, or fear or sleepiness. (Hey, how about instead of working on your GREAT ARTWORK OR SCIENTIFIC PROJECT let’s go take a nap or catch up on Game of Thrones or clean the refrigerator, it’s overdue, or how about maybe even giving up, what’s the use? Blah. Blah. Blah.) The story is in process but as you can tell from the video, it’s in good hands!

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