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Max (5-years-old):

Max has an imaginary dragon named Scwigee. He and Scwigee love to play trains in his imaginary place that he goes to when he sleeps. There are “hundreds and hundred of elves and also one gnome” that live there. 


Doreanna (9-years-old):

Doreanna’s  imaginary world is called Verasigh. Verasigh is located in outerspace. It “used to be one planet and it exploded into little planets.” There are many characters but “one character that everyone knows about is Vera. She was born on the Goblin side and everybody on that side is evil [except Vera]. They’re ruled by a huge Goblin King.” Vera works to defeat the Goblin King.


Maxine (10-Years-Old):

Maxine has a billion imaginary friends who all inhabit “Imaginary Friend World,” a place “kind of like this world. There’s a part that’s just more countryside and it has little houses and hills and rivers and trees and flowers.  Then there’s a city area.” Some of her friends include Bem, an eyeball; Bechaboo, a gun that shoots ice cream; Milou, a Siberian Husky and Devil Man. Devil Man’s name is a bit misleading because he’s Maxine’s oldest and most comforting imaginary friend. He lives in the lamp next to her bed.

Meredith (30s):

Meredith is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow who studies complex sociological systems within the realms of conservation. When she was nine years old, she invented her imaginary world, “Karland,” creating a language, a people, and a culture of myths and everyday material goods. . She populated her world with animals, including all of the endangered animals on the “Endangered Species” stamps from 1996.  She has long stopped playing in Karland but she identifies her worldplay as a child as early practice for her scientific work today. 













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