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We have been doing a lot of research for this project and as a result have accumulated a wealth of resources that we would like to share with you, if only we can get ourselves to sit down and gather it all together. Below is a start. We'll be adding, arranging and expanding as time goes on. We heartily encourage you to make suggestions for what should be included on this page!!


The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows - A collection of invented words written by John Koenig.


This section below was recommended and written by Ana Marija, inventor of the Imaginary World of Iveny. We are overwhelmed, awed and inspired by the creativity here.

Orion’s Arm - Possibly the largest, most intricate, hard science-fiction collaborative world building project out there. Two of the key aspects are posthumansim and transhumanism. 

Verduria - Mark Rosenfelder’s meticulously detailed and well-documented imaginary world. The world was originally created for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Rosenfelder also runs a conlang-centric forum.

Simon Stalenhag’s Riksenergi alternate reality.


Gabo (silvermender)’s Frontera, from the in-progress ANOVA story.

Dresden Codak - Aaron Diaz’s superb webcomic. 

SCP Foundation - Another collaborative fiction project, in more of a horror/sci-fi vein.

SCP Foundation - A collaborative fiction project, in more of a horror/sci-fi vein.

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