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My Secret Country is a multi-platform project about imaginary world and friend invention. It's composed of a one-hour documentary, a Minecraft game, stories that are shared at this website and worldplay curriculum for educators looking to integrate world building into classroom or workshop settings.

My Secret Country the film is a journey into the world of imaginative play, a portrait of three children who have invented imaginary friends & worlds, and an environmental allegory. Embedded in this hybrid documentary is a fiction adventure co-written with the film’s three children. Using 2D animation we bring to life their collective imaginings and follow their pretend companions on an important mission to save dessert from extinction.

Inspired by the film, we took the theme of dessert going extinct and placed it into a Minecraft game where players are invited to take an active role in saving dessert from extinction by defeating specific challenges. The game is designed to mirror the creative process: Inspire, Imagine, Play, Build, Share, and each player in this 3-player game must get past the inner critic (we call it The KRITIK) with help from the inner muse (MYOOS). 


The game and the documentary are interlinked. The game invites the players to watch a few clips from the film in order to meet all of the challenges and vice versa.


For those of you unfamiliar with Minecraft, after Tetris, it's the best selling game in the history of gaming and children absolutely love it. It’s a game where you dig, mine and build different kinds of 3D blocks, kind of like Legos, except that it’s in a virtual world.

Hey! That's where you are now. It's a collection of resources artifacts and stories around the topic of imaginary world invention. While you're here, be sure to join us and share your imaginary friend, world, object, word etc...

Contact US

We'd love to hear from you! Please send us an email: mysecretcountry AT gmail DOT com


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