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The first animated scene

Behind the scenes at My Secret Country we are hard at work on animation. Animator Lealie Hayek, from Australia, is finalizing our first animated scene in the film, where we’ll meet Maxine’s imaginary friends Bem, Milou and Devil Man in the Sahara desert. By mistake, they misread the Sahara DESERT as the Sahara DESSERT, and went there expecting to find an oasis of cakes, cookies and cream pie. Confusion ensues when they can’t find a single ice cream, cheese cake or candy bar. They draw the logical conclusion that dessert going extinct and launch on a quest to save it.


That’s right. Stay tuned to find out how our intrepid adventurers plan to rescue dessert from the clutches of extinction. We’ll drop some nummy-nummy bonbons (clues) along the way, until the films’ final release. Thanks to Lealie for her work to bring this scene to life. Lealie is an aspiring and passionate 2D animator. She’s currently studying a Bachelor of Media Arts at the University of South Australia, and will be their youngest graduate at the age of 18 by August 2016. Lealie was nominated for Channel Nine’s Young Achiever Award in early 2016, and honored as one of the eight “Enterprising Faces” of the University’s alumni magazine’s 25th birthday edition.“ Check out her work here.

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