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Character Design - Vera

Part of our challenge in creating this film is staying as true as we can to each of the participants ideas of their imaginary worlds and the creatures or friends who inhabit them. In the case of 9-year Doreanna, she likes to write but she says that she doesn’t want to draw.* So we hired an artist, Stellaris, to help us bring one of the characters from Doreanna’s imaginary world Verasigh, to life—Vera. Doreanna has this to say about Vera:

She’s not human, She’s a spirit type kind of person. She’s got really pale skin. She has red eyes. She’s got long flowing/wavy black hair. (Not straight)She has vampire teeth. She’s got red lips. She can turn into a raven.She wears a droopy black dress like “Morticia” from the Addam’s Family. She has wavy black hair that’s matted with blood.

Below is the artist’s rendering approved by Doreanna. like this:

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