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Character Design - Milou, Devil Man & Bem

Maxine has “billions of imaginary friends,” in her imaginary world. With her incredible drawing skills, she sketched a few of them out for this film. Above is her drawing of Milou. Milou is an imaginary friend replica of Maxine’s husky, who later passed away.Below are some samples of her original drawings and the digital sketch right next to it. We traced over her drawings in Adobe Illustrator, working to be as true to her style as we could.

First, on the left are Maxine’s original drawing of Devil Man. (Because he looks like a devil, you might assume he’s mean, but he’s very nice.) On the far right is the version sketched into Illustrator by artist Anastasia Bielik:

That’s Bem below. On the left is Maxine’s drawing. On the right is Anastasia Bielik’s traced drawing.

Stay tuned, and you’ll get to meet Maxine and her imaginary friends in the hybrid, animated documentary film, My Secret Country.

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