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Character Design - Scwigee

Scwigee is a dragon who is part turtle and part horse. He also happens to be 5-year old Max’s imaginary friend. Max first made this drawing of Scwigee when he was really young (even younger than 5):

Then, he explained that Scwigee doesn’t really look like that. First, he’s orange. Second, he doesn’t have two heads. He drew two heads because at the time he really “liked electricity.” Below, Max drew a new head to explain how Scwigee’s head should really look:

We sent those two above images to an artist, Anastasia Bielik, and she drew Scwigee in Adobe Illustrator, keeping to Max’s vision as much as she could. Here’s a version where Scwigee is flying:

Even though he’s only in pre-school, Scwigee has a lot of talents. He can use his magical chalk to do magical things, he can change the length of his neck as needed according to the number of riders who want to ride on him, he’s good at getting gum off of train tracks and so much more. You’ll get to meet Max and Scwigee in the film, My Secret Country. Stay tuned!

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