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Anecsonoj - an other world in the restroom

Our worldbuilding workshop at 826 Valencia has wrapped up, and in a mere number of hours a world is born. Our small group of 8 to 11 year-olds collectively named their world “Anecsonoj.”

[A being who inhabits Anecsonoj, by “Lawrence of Arabia”]

Some important details about the world of Anecsonoj include:

1) It’s located in the 826 Valencia restroom, a location that otherwise appears like a normal restroom

2) Toilet paper can turn into boats

3) When you flush, you are flushed into a portal (and there is a portal hidden behind the painting)

4) Bathroom items can become weapons

5) Natural gas supplies energy

6) The room has four key regions: Fire, Earth, Air and water

There are many creatures who inhabit Anecsonoj. Below is a brief overview:

[Creatures who inhabit Anecsonoj, by the students at 826 Valencia]

As part of the workshop, the class wrote diary entries, encyclopedia entries, news headlines and letters from one character in Anecsonoj to another. Below is a sample letter.

[Letter from the 4 elements of Anecsonoj to Mrs. Smiles, by Devon, a student at 826 Valencia. Note that each of the elements have their own unique personality and each wrote a letter within one sheet of paper.]

It was a rambunctious, and fun sort of class where everyone stretched their imagination to places it had never quite gone. I hope to lead a workshop sometime again soon!

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