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Youwarkee’s world - meet the neederander

[This image of a neederander from needreba, courtesy of Youwarkee.]

The neederander live at the high mountains of Needreba. On the outside, the neederander looks like a flower, though Needreba has no concept of the term “flower” in the way that we do. That is to say a flower is more like a person there. A person is a flower.

Of course people don’t live in Needreba, but you get the point. There is no distinction between the relative importance of “people” (or in Needreba that would be the roundsigs), and a flower or tree or weed etc… each is recognized as equal. Each has its own way of existing and communicating.

The neederander’s name translated means “holy wanderer.” They are hard flowers to find. They can be different colors but generally have some blue tones to their petals. Not that much is known of them, except that if you do come upon a neederander, and if it meets you in the eye, your entire life will change.

That’s because the neederander sees the whole world and universe and your place in it. They have an expansive view of all things, though not much is understood of that. By contrast, for the most part, needrebans can only see from their own restricted matter. There is an old saying on Needreba, that “to look into the eyes of a neederander, is to be healed.” Some roundsig’s, (what we might describe as elephant like creatures), are known to take pilgrimages to find a neederander, but this is only in rare circumstances. Few have ever found them, but it can be said, those who have gone in search, have come back changed by the journey itself. One roundsig named yahtog, or yat for short, did find and befriend a neederander. That’s how most knowledge of them comes to exist.

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