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For Students & Parents

For Teachers

Take part in the My Secret Country community! Share your imaginary world, friend, invention, language etc... here.

We are refining our worldbuilding curriculum and will upload a free copy here for you to use. Hold tight.

If you're located near San Francisco, head over to 826 Valencia's calendar of events. Every year we run a "Collaborative Worldbuilding" workshop for participants age 8 to 11 years-old. Please sign up and we hope to see you there!

For Curious People

Not sure, got a few questions, want to know more? Check out our FAQ page. Looking for more ways to get involved in the vast community of like-minded folks that include, LARPERS, Novelists, Futurists, Theoretical Physicists, Gamers and more? We've got a page of resources for you. Please check it out!

Interested in getting involved, learning more and taking part in the community? Below are a few suggestions for where to start.

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